Hard Rejected.


Hi there. I got about 6 times hard reject. Mostly I don’t UNDERSTAND WHY?..

I know that this is a humiliating position, time to time are getting almost all of us.

Insulting are not because of the refusal, of course, but because of the lack of reasons. But any way-now and again, I’m trying:) So, my friends, I’m welcoming you for feedback about this. Thanks



About your statement:
I think you need to have the ability to self-reflect your items and compare them with existing items in the marketplace without being opinionated. So analyze and research what will work, be accepted and will sell and what don’t. It will take some time to gain this insight.

When I started out, I could not understand why my items are being rejected. Due to the fact I was heavily opinionated, but looking back now in retrospect I see that they weren’t good enough at all.

About your item:
Design-wise it does not meet the quality standards. It needs more work on color usage and style, I think the polygon “ground” is a mismatch with the house and bush. Also, keep in mind the usability, I don’t see myself using this for a real estate project.

Nevertheless don’t give up, you will improve & so will your items!

Hope it helps


Love your feedback-Bedankt:)


ok, one more aspect: standard message about rejecting from GraphicRiver and others stocks. For example Fotolia :

We are sorry to inform you that your vector was not accepted.

Vectors in Fotolia’s database are intended for usage in a variety of situations - brochures, magazines, websites, and presentations. Your work is valuable, but does not meet the needs of Fotolia’s customers.
Please feel free to submit other vectors in the future for review.

ok, I still have a feeling like I’m a princes! :))

Unfortunately your submission isn’t ready for GraphicRiver and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies. In order for submissions to be considered for sale they must be of high aesthetic and technical quality, unique to our library and cannot be in violation of Envato’s policies.

** all is bad! bury me!**:))

by the way, this illustration on the market since yesterday, and I already got sells …this means that it is not sooo bad


I’m talking here more with my self, but I need it!

I do not pretend to be a masterpiece with this stupid house on a small f…hill. But if I make a comparison with the images of houses what have been approved in recent time ( I think it would be incorrect to put some examples here ) than I’m going to be angry and hungry for chocolate. No, really, it’s not fair.


hi , i personally believe that this is due to a combination of the style and scenery that u are displaying, i guess that the style is a bit in between between realistic and an illustration one and that the fact that u have isolated you item on a portion of land is making it difficult for some people to potentially use it … but this is just my personal point of view is this the reason for the rejection as spanish would say “solo dios lo sabe”


I always like your comments:) thx


all the people who know me are kind of likely to enjoy them because they are knowing what i do and why and know that my comments are very sincere no matter what , not to mention that the same people know how much i try to help if i can possibly do … . I personally do not belong to the people who think that being adamant with others is the real deal, we all have to encourage each other into giving the best out of ourselves and this is hard to do without a minimum of confidence and without also trying to display what is nice about something , as opposed to systematically pointing out what is not yet good enough or what needs to be improved …
Ultimately, lets face it also some items will never make it here which does not mean that they are not good or do not have potential to sell well somewhere , they may just not be appropriate for here or just not click with the style or what is expected here …