Getting HARD REJECTED! How it feels? What should do?

Hello Envato! Hello Graphicriver! Hello respected authors!

In short, I’m getting rejected. I want some feedback.
And in long would you mind to read the whole story?

So, Last year one fine morning or maybe late night, I decided to make items for Graphicriver and become an Envato author.
After deciding, it took almost 2 months to click the ‘Upload’ button.
I’m not that lazy but confused (and also a perfectionist! sounds lame?) To make the first item I read almost every line of author’s guide, a lot of articles, even a lot of video about ‘how to become a successful author’!

After pressing the ‘Upload’ button it took maybe 2 days to get approved. Even I wasn’t sure about the approval (nobody does, maybe), I still was in a lot of confusion about a lot of things.

I can’t express the feelings of getting approved, maybe I was like "Yeah! I did it!"
After seeing my item on the first page (newest templates section, not in the featured section!) I was pretty confident that I’m going to make it, and this item will be getting a lot sale!

But it didn’t, I just got 1 sale after waiting about 2 days. And nobody buys!

Then I gave up making more item and got a job.
After working remotely for a few months, I made a decision that I’m going to make more item on Envato and I’m going to leave this job. I thought that, if I give the same effort on Envato I would do better. (read- ‘earn’!)

I made my 2nd item last month, it also got approved smoothly.
Then the problem started, I uploaded my 3rd item, got hard rejected, then the 4th item, it also got hard rejected!
What’s in the mail? "it isn't at the quality standard..."

I’ve followed all the rules for these items what I’ve followed in the 1st and 2nd items.

I’m not that good designer, still learning. Maybe it sounds funny that I’ve written a whole essay for just 2 rejection, what pretty common here.

But I just want to find out the problem with my item.
I’ve uploaded the psd and eps files, and also the preview image in my google drive. Have a closer look on it and give me some valuable advice about what to do, what not to do. If you find any mistake, then tell me directly, it won’t hurt my feelings!

And say "hi’ to me, accept me as a part of your community.
Thank you very much, have a very good day! :blush:

link- “You are late, link deleted, have a good day”

I’m having the same problem. You put a lot of time to make a nice design and it got rejected, but the hard reject doesn’t help anything, nobody knows what is wrong with the design, simply no clue, it’s very frustrating.
I’ve just returned to envato market and I’m experiencing this problem and it’s very disappointing.

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@haikhow hey man! Thanks for your words. It’s really frustrating to see the rejection mail. And I’ve gotten Hard Rejected again! 3 times in a row with 3 different projects, Woah! Look at this you will know what you are missing…

@TechSpark hey, thanks. But after getting the rejections and following some hard rejection related topics here, I’ve got some thoughts. I think there’s no major problem with my items or the files. Then what’s wrong?
The wrong is, Business Cards are over saturated, so If someone doesn’t come up with some exceptional design or something very new, it’ll surely get hard rejected, no matter how awesome it looks to the author’s eyes. And, maybe it’s happening for all the design categories. It’s just my guess, nothing else.

Hey, I have seen all your files you are correct! but put some designs in card increase the no of variations and obviously no of cards many top author are selling there items on huge basis example 200+ 500+ items etc. …

So try this and don’t forget to share your thoughts here… We are happy if Envato Team select your designs …

BTW, your cards are not bad but this company needs much more professional,… :slight_smile: and it’s not wrong because customers pay 1-100$ for quality, how many Items included, colors, designs …

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@TechSpark thank you, brother. Have a good day. :slight_smile: