Items are being rejected on GraphicRiver

Hey Guys

This is my very first post here. I’m having issues in items submissions on GraphicRiver. I’m submitting quality products continuously by following all the rules and formats. But still getting rejections on all items. Below are attached some rejected items, I would like to have help and guidance from you pro people regarding this issue.

Market is full of this, specially logos like yours.

Tip - if you want get items accepted see text effects or actions category on graphicriver - this places need more items that’s why when I am not working on my envato elements I am working on products for this categories. ;]

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hi u clearly have an issue of typo … let’s face it from one item to the other it always looks the same - maybe because this is lol - and in addition, typo in a general way and font combinations definitely lack originality , this is really flat , when it comes to texts …

the amiable one for me is the best by far by honestly it looks like something that i have already seen somewhere , so this maybe the reason for the rejection of this one, i mean apart form the typo

in my view the eco wall is not creative enough concept wise and not really impressive visually either , u need to make sure that the logo looks really soliud so that this is accepted in a tough categoy like this one

for teh home care one, the concept is not bad but comparatively the visual part looks a bit flat in my opinion and u have a real issue of typo with this one

the opera home , well u have the same problem of typo indeed, and basically what is disturbing for me is that i do not see the link between the shapes u made and the concept …

i hope it could help u , just try to think about all this and try to use it to improve the thing so that u can get accepted :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for sparing time to write and extensive review. Really appreciated. I’ll keep all these points in mind for next submissions.

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normally all people usually say that they will mind for next time? but why not for now indeed? u can arrange your items taking this into account , i think this is much more suitable

Yes, I do understand your point. But I don’t know I can resubmit all these items again or not. Is it allowed to resubmit rejected items?

yes u can, of course,as long as u bring significant modifications to the table, but if u really do what was mentioned, u will have significant changes anyways …