What going on graphicriver??

Last couple of month i see graphicriver not accepted any item. at 1st i think it happend only with me then i talk with some of my friend who have more than 1000+ approve item on graphicriver they also face this problem. Last day i talk with someone who approved 1200+ item and sales more than 8k. He said me last couple of month not accept his any item. when he uploaded any item on graphicriver reject that item within couple of hours or sometime within a day where previoulsy take 5-10 days for review. Today i browse maximum catagory on graphicriver and see new approval item are two low. some of catagory not approve any new item last 10-15 days. can any know actually why it happend. if you say graphicriver want quality design then i not agree with you because who has a thousand designs approved on marketplace he must have a good idea about the quality, trend and many more thing but his design also rejected.

I have the same issue. Reviewers keeps rejecting my logos non-stop. I have over 3200 logos in my portfolio with over 16 000 sales and now it’s like that i’m the worst of the designers…

I really don’t know whats happening with Envato in general…

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hi guys, indeed, we all face more and more rejections indeed , I guess this is the effects of saturation

day by day every market file will be increase that’s mean there is no chance to massive reject. if you look to the other marke which have already saturation but they not reject massively. also what you think about that market which have no hard approval system? In my opinion, this cannot be a reason for too much rejection. also client want to up to date design, color, style. so if rejection to much and approval rate to low then client move to the other marketplace.

the markets u are referring to are ridiculous and the purchasing base there is a joke , well , as far as your opinion goes, this is legitimate for u to feel this way if u want to, but the fact of the matter is that the effects of raising standards have been felt many times every since I joined … so saturation not having any role , really?