Farewell Envato!

So, I have been a member on GraphicRiver for more then a year and a half. Started actively dedicating my time to this marketplace about a year ago (the beginning of november). And I have been quite satisfied with how things are going on up until few months ago.
Like many of us, I have been struggling to have my items approved throughout this whole year, there have been times when 30 of my works were rejected one after another, day after day and even month after month. I was extremely dedicated to Envato, so many sleepless nights, hours and hours a day, frustrations, every day steadily working for many months and yet, every now and then my items were approved. It’s allright, I never complained, I know how this all works.
But what annoys me is when I see poorly done work, text misaligned, bad colors matching, poor typhography, and even stolen work approved against all design rules.
I am a qualified graphic designer with a degree and four years experience and I know what I am doing. But yet, doesn’t make any difference.
A few months ago I started working on another marketplace where I earn triple as muchs as I do on Envato with those rejected items! Been considering to go non-exclusive a couple of times, and also did it but as we have to remain exclusive for another month, I always somehow change my decision and again stay exclusive as GraphicRiver is my first love and I had faith in it.
Anyhow, as I said, I didn’t complain nor I had any wishes to do so until two months ago when everything started to go down the road for me. This month is the first since I started working on here that i wont have enough money to withrdaw, and I think it’s about high time to go non-exclusive and stop wasting my time here. We need exposure to continue selling our items or else we will dissapear from the search, but I think I have had enough of rejections which are making me steady income and bigger than I have ever menaged to earn on GR, on another marketplace!
I have extremely enjoyed being a part of this community during this year, Envato has thought me lots of things, made me a better designer and I am grateful for that!

Good luck to all of you my fellow designers, wish you many sales and all the best in future! :slight_smile: