GraphicRiver rejection


this is my 2nd rejection. The 1st one was a ThemeForest WordPress template and I tought I try a GraphicRiver product.

It’s like my on sale product: link!

Here you can see my new rejected product:

The “Envato” text is just a copyright security, not exist in the purchased product!

The two product has the same style but are different.

What is the problem?

Thank you in advance!

Yea, it’s a little strange that they accepted one, but rejected the other. Though I guess it also could have been two different reviewers with different personal tastes… which of course isn’t very good, but it seems to be the case quite often on GraphicRiver.

Maybe try to make a more interesting preview? The thumbnail that you have for the accepted one is more interesting than the actual preview image. You could even show some examples of the graphics being used in different situations. I think this will automatically make the quality look far better.

If you decide to do this, then I think you shouldn’t have a problem resubmitting it, since it should look drastically different.

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lol i have seen it all ever since i am here … so nothing is making me feel surprised anymore … i have had a declination of an accepted product rejected when all the others had been approved and were doing very well … as for what u mentioned as regard to presentation , this is clearly not an option but mandatory and i am even wandering one could go through with such a presentation but this makes people feel bad if they see two lookalike things one making it and one not going through …

Thank you! I did what you said!


I submitted my product 3. time.

It’s rejected again!

What to do now?

Sorry to hear that. Can you show us what the new design looks like?

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Yes, I’ll show it here soon. Thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

Here are the 3 examples to show the buyers the options they can use with my product.

Even with your support, this 3. time submit is rejected!

Now, what can I do?

thank you for your support! Below you can see the examples!

Do you have a full preview? Like one showing all of the vectors together with high resolution examples included?

Take a look at this item and how it’s set up: