My third design also got rejected!

Alas!! my third design also got rejected!!!
What have to do? please advice!

Share your preview image or screenshots of the design.

GraphicRiver is not an open marketplace - your items have to be premium and high quality enough to be approved. Basically, it has to be “pixel perfect” - that includes spacing, fonts, and colors. Keep in mind you’re also competing against other authors so if there are similar items which were better executed then you will get rejected for that as well.

Post those images and I’m sure someone can give you some feedback.

Thanks for your reply. Is there any problem?

As with the other designs you shared - the fundamentals with typography, margins, spacing etc. are not where they need to be especially in such a competitive category.

People always assume that logos, business cards, resumes etc will be the easiest option because they are simpler and less to them but in truth this makes them the hardest categories to get approved in

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What have to do now!!!

Before trying to submit more - Spend some time improving your skill set and technical understanding.

Have a look at the (recent) top selling items and the attention to detail etc. That goes into their work

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First sideis prety good… second side seems to be crowdy

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I’m very disappointed about this😞
I don’t understand what have to do now​:disappointed::disappointed:

That’s how it is, I have 220 items but still some items are getting rejected… Change the category and try your max if everything is perfect it will get approved. If you need more help contact me on skype on anchorpoint_heshan , I will guide you for a design…



Add me on skype and let’s get an item approved… anchorpoint_heshan

and meanwhile watch the video above… Disappointment is not an option for success, there is always a way to get through…

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