My first 8 items got rejected... Should I give up? :(

I have done freelancing for years and I have my own website(startup) for local design work. I’ve had many good reviews from my clients. I started on graphic river few weeks ago and every item I upload (6 logos and 2 business card templates) got rejected. Is it normal for a started or is it the time for me to give up? Any ideas???

Would be better if you could post any of your works here an example for us to comment on something specific

here are some of my work… Thanks again @ki-themes :slight_smile:

I followed all the guidelines. Actually I read it so many time to confirm that I’m not making any mistakes. Still it got rejected. Any ideas???

Typo issues. That font is not really looking good

About logos - improve overall quality, look for good logos on the internet and compare. But anyway good logo wont garantee you acception. They’re rejecting 90% (or even more) of logos, it’s hard to get accepted there, so it’'s not a better place to start I guess.
About BCards - they are look outdated, like design for 200X years. If you wanna do minimal design, get inspired by newest items on envato or elsewhere.

Don’t give up :wink:

Never give up. Work more on these designs. Make them better. Pay attention to even minute details. Good luck :slight_smile: