Hard Rejected !


Hello Everyone, :slight_smile:

I need some suggestions from ppl who have experience of being author on graphicriver for a while.
I have recently submitted my first design to graphic river and got a mail today that its hard rejected.
i had provided fully layer Ai, psd, jpg, png, eps, pdf and a txt file with font detail and so on …
one thing , that i think might be an issue that i expanded the strokes in final Ai files, so it wont create issue while re-sizing the image. Does that means it not fully editable ?(as you cant adjust stokes anymore ?)
Other thing, i had selected the category “logo” for it.Does that appear not be a logo ?
Another category that it could fit in ?
Or its a poor design or something ?

Any positive critiques are highly appreciated .
Thank much you all :slight_smile:


Any one ?
Help Pleaseee ! Highly Appreciated.


just make a documentation and add it in your main file (in your main files). It would be approved


@evantodesign Thanks much for your kind response.
May i ask what kind of documentation you mean ?
As my design was hard rejected :frowning: im not sure what major difference will documentation make ?
Can you please explain me in this regard any further ?



Hi, l have to admit that l don’t do Vector stuff, but it seems to me that some of the edges are thicker than the others, which seems to make the design a bit messy.

Some of the sides also lack shadows, which further add’s to a hard rejection.

Fair enough if you want to have different widths to your edges, but if done on one item, (a star) in my opinion the thickness should be the same?

Good luck.



It is too complex to be a logo, and it would not work good when scaled down.

Check this out:


@tmcom thank you.but the stroke width are the part of design , uniform width stroke makes it boring , this is just to dd a bit drama in .
but thanks for suggestion , i would keep it in mind in next design :blush:


@Kipet Thanks. Really helpful response , much appreciated.


No problem,

BTW you could submit this design to the vector category and use the guidelines from the link for your next project.


The icon is too large in comparison to the text. The text is too thin - needs a thicker font.
Notice how everything is bold on the icon - find a font that mimics the style of the castle icon.

Make sure that when the logo is scaled down - the name is still legible.

Look through the GR library for similar style logos and notice the balance and cohesion between the icon and logo.

Here are a few

Try cutting down on the amount of colors in the text - it’s hard to read with so many colors.
Try different layout of the text - it does not have to go beneath the icon
Move the text off the icon.
The windows on the blue towers look strangely out of line - align them properly.


Thanks for all advised, ill take care in future.
really appreciated :blush:


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