Hello, My GraphicRiver logo has been hard rejected. Please Senior Designer Suggestion Me.

Hello, I have submitted my first logo on graphic river that has been hard rejected and my second logo has been same result. What is the problem in my logos please give me suggestions.

hi next time pls one item per thread pls, this is either for us to provide u with a much detailed “review”

so here we go

flame light
well i am sorry to say just this but at this stage the typo is far form standards in my view, not only is the typo not offering any variation or font combinations but the fact of the matter is that the name is not much readable to say the least and is not particularly good looking or matching really well with the illustration …
u did not manage to really imbricate texts and illustration properly yet , drawing text closer form the illustration would help. At the moment , it looks a bit disconnected indeed, especially as, as i mentioned beforehand , the style of illutrastion and typo are not matching super well
i think that the commercial potential of your item is rather low , too since the style and concept of the logo are rather “raw” and simple, so that it would not take much time for people knowing illustrator tools to redraw it rather easily and without using much time, so why would people buy when they do not really save much time or effort? they would rather opt for saving money if so … finally also make sure not to use some previews which bring other problems to the table … look, for instance , the yellow one is not having the tagline which looks less work out, plus the contrast between elements and background fail to make it outstanding and the fact of the matter is that contrast is a big issue, this is only a basic design principle but this is making get into readability issues in the process …

well for this one there is much more of a concept and there is probably more potential despite this looks a bit simple all the same. For me the major problems that u have here are either the fact that the illustration and text are not matching at all … look, u have a very squared G for the main body of the lock but elsewhere this is all rounded items … if i were u, i would turn everything square rather than rounded … i would pick a font like “square sans” but not necessarily this one, it could be something else, as long as the font really looks squares … and i would also turn the upper part lock elements into squared ones
at this stage another issue is that your tagline is almost nowhere to be seen … the font is too thin , not matching, not contrasting with the background either
beware not to use bad color combinations like yellow and orange too, this is ruining the preview, think about complementary colors, color shades , theme activity color , as colors are vehiculating notions and emotions

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Thank you very much for your suggestions. I will resubmit new design with your suggestion.

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ok good luck and good work :slight_smile:

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