Hard reject for 4 logos. Need criticism.

These 4 logos got hard rejected. Can anyone tell me what i can do to improve my designs or guide me what logo section of graphic river wants?

Thanks for the help.

Here three of four logos.

I like the second logo very much. I have no idea why it would have been rejected. Unfortunately all we can do on this forum is guess…

for me there’s a recurrent reason that can explain just that and that’s typography …

hi,i think that your logos are really cool but i guess that u did not identify that here , if u want to make it in the logo category, u have to try to avoid “simple” / “too plain” typos … i know that doesn’t really make sense in a way as customers are more likely to make works match with their personal taste and that for that matter they will change mainly either colors or typos, but this is the way it works here , so i think u should consider bringing more complex typos to the table

Thanks for the reply. Welp, that is kinda hard for me, beause i am better at simple or/and logoes. But your typography criticism is good one. I think, i could do better on those.

i think that u did not really get it, this is not criticism but observation, besides, if u ask me, for me the most important part is illustration all the same (without denying the importance of typo) as they are the part that people are likely to be remembered and which will really help to build " a brand". i am also a bit half-hearted about the policy here in a way as, if i identify the need for a good typo, especially for preview matters, i also tend to believe that this is the easy part (with colors) for people to change so that they can make guys’ work fit their needs and tastes , but, anyway, this is the way things go here …

Well, first of all, criticism is in observation with suggestion for improving the subject, which what you did. Only observations is more like telling what it is. By making suggestions, you cricisized me. So, i did get you.

Thanks for the reply. I am starting to get what is important here.

Well in my experiences with clients, they tend to prefer rounded shapes over straight edges, because the hard edges give a very ridged feel and companies want to give a soft face to the public, but over all I enjoyed these logos except the first one which was very busy with colors.

Thanks for the criticism Alec. I was testing the lots of colours with gradient waters with that. Normally, i prefer flat designs. And good point on rounded shapes.