Logos hard reject, again...?

Hi guys

This is my 4th submission and my 4th hard reject.
So now I’ve decided to ask the forum for some help.
How can I improve my logo’s that they will get accepted?

What’s wrong? Typography, presentation, colors, shape of the logo, creativity, etc?
Please let me know because I’m becomming desperate.

Link to the logo: Click Here to visit imgur

Thanks in advance!
All the best,

Don’t think the typography compliments the logo at all.

Also, not sure how the logo itself really speaks “Creative Media”.

From my experience, clients want logos that can relate.

If I was a design company, wanting to buy your logo, I’d want to have a way that logo relates to me so I can easily (and conveniently) use it. It’d be hard to find a way to incorporate your logo. Just my opinion. It’s a great start and looks good, but I don’t think it would meet the multi-purpose standards that most logos you see on here have.

hi, i think that your typo is a bit plain and common, not sure that this is the best combination to make the illustration look better, plus the illustration is a bit simple / lacking originality indeed according to me