Logo rejected - how can I improve this?

Hi all,

I uploaded a logo here literally 5 minutes ago and it has already been reviewed which I was really surprised at.

Does anyone have any feedback on what I could do to make this “Graphic River ready”?


for me the whole thing looks not bad, i am not particularly fond of the illustration despite i also acknowledge this is well executed and fair. i think personally that the typo thing is ok but i am afraid that here they think a different way as much stress is being put on this elements here when it comes to logos. I think that maybe bringing some effects a bit on the illustration part would help to make the whole thing look more worked out and more impressive and it may help you to bring yur creation to the next level. U can give it a try if u wish

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

I’m not too sure what else can be done as I don’t want to add any effects to it because flat design looks much better than having loads of pointless effects, I suppose I’ll either have to not bother with this logo or take a look at some that get approved and try and see why they have and why mine hasn’t.

Really wish GR would let us know why they don’t think it’s ready and maybe some ideas, would make people a lot more enthusiastic about creating work for GR.

that’s up to u anyway, u are free to keep it unchanged and not to have it approved here anyway (and can choose to upload somewhere else). I personally do not agree with u. Let’s face it if u think about it , what is the difference between a professional and a guy who can just use a tool? well that’s the additional work that u can put so that it looks better. All these too iconic or simple works and styles that u see much everywhere is not a good news for designers as maybe one day the whole profession will not exist anymore because any guy using a tool will be able to do the same by himself / herself …

well if they did u would not be happy to have to wait for ages until u get your item reviewed , especially at a time when submissions and rejections are always more numerous

the last thing that i will tell you , u can do whatever u like with it, as for me , i believe that the use of italic fonts is not a good idea, italic looks old and most importantly is hard to associated with illustration so that there’s a whole harmony between illustration and typo …