Feedback for Logo Rejection

Could I please get some feedback on this logo, it was hard rejected by Graphic River. Looking forward to your input.

Thank you Peter

HI Peter i think that u may have trouble to have such a logo accepted here , the thing is that u have too many details and items imbiricating and that sone of your details will be almost invisible (like the lines of hands) and that only for this they are very likely to reject you work , unfortunately … afterwards u have used what seems to be too much of a “usual typo / typo combination” when typo is a big deal here and i guess that thsi is also a major issue that u have to deal with to get your work approved here

thank you for your constructive criticism, I will take all this into account next time. It would be good if the people rejecting/accepting would give us authors some feedback. Thank you for your time. Cheers Peter

well i agree but u can not see it here so this is the reason why we try to help each other …