Why my logo has been rejected?

hi this is an issue of typo , the illustration is cool but the typo, which is a very important issue here is definitely really too flat indeed , this is lacking combination and originality too

Can I submit it after improving to typo?

I’m guessing it was hard rejected, so unfortunately just changing the text wont be enough. To submit it again, you’d need to do a major overhaul to the entire thing.

hi u need to bring significant changes to the table so i assume that the typo and more have to be dealt with until u feel like the creation changed gamely between what u used to have and what u want to submit …

This feels like a sad fox with pencil look, also the neck or body it confusing like how it touches the nose and its very diagonal and edgy! Alignement of text in the top one also feel a lot tight with the icon and it doesn’t breathes, also I think the body could have a darker red color to illustrate depth. maybe a bit shadow from face too, What you think n2n44? Am I good ? :smiley:

i do not feel the same, in a general way, this is cool , u have to figure out that this is “folded paper” style and that this is not meant to be purely realistic … however something like using a gradient for the body or dropping a shadow could be a good idea indeed to make the body and head differ a bit more but nothing shocking for me right now actually

pls call me Nico otherwise