Logo Design Hard Rejected - Need Help!

Hi everyone,

This is my 4th logo item in 10 days but I got rejected from all and I don’t know why?

I put a lot of effort into designing this and it says I won’t be able to re-submit this item again. Hard Rejected.

Need your suggestions on how to improve the logo.

Logo Design One.


Logo Design Two.

Assuming that the submission requirements has been changed/updated at GraphicRiver, these logos are quite out-dated and generic to get the approval.

Although, if you were uploading these few years back, I don’t think it’d be a problem to get the approval
You need to find better ideas and execution should be better

hi I think that there are a variety of issues about your logos , and that these issues depend on the logo. Globally , they look not super modern and definitely not trendy as new trends play a lot with the pathfinder and subtracting shapes from others. In addition , part of the problems that u have for both is the fact that the single color version look pretty flat to say the least and this does not look convincing enough and neither does it look worked out enough by the way. In the case of the first logo is not much of a real concept out there and despite that u had some continuity of colors from one part to the other which is good, the thing is this led u to use some color that is not super contrasting and not super readable for the tagline indeed. For the second one, I assume that the main issue, apart from the style being not the most trendy , is that F is not super graphic to say the least and that the choice of colors definitely does not value your item and work indeed , out of lack of contrast , among other things. AS u certainly know contrast is a basic design principle and having any issue with it means troubles in many ways , as far as exposure / impact, readability and hierarchy go

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Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. I am agreed with your that point “might be it is less trendy and outdated”. For the single color, it is actually for use as inverse version and flat version so i think no problem with that. Overall couple of good points that need to be corrected i think. Appreciate for your help!

Could you please also suggest to me some general points, a couple of, which actually could be game-changer when you are going to submit logo templates?

Thank you!

lol well u are free to follow or not, it depends on u , but If I point out something about the one color version , this highlights a deeper problem with the logo , in case u did not understand … look, your logo in one color version can be redone in less than 10minutes and this basically amounts to saying that the item has close to no commercial potential at all …

as for generic / general points I do not see how this is going to help u and I do not feel like providing with what is common sense observations that u should already know and follow indeed …

To be a game changer in logo templates you need a brilliant concept and lots of years of experience. Judging based on this two logos you need to learn basic principles of logo design.