Logo Hard Rejected, need advice

Hi guys, I received an hard rejection for this logo. Any adivices please?


color, font, UI need improve. Very simple design I think. Please study more on Trending design on GraphicRiver and create new one with more meaningful and submit. Good luck for your next submit.


first all of as for i know the tagline is DEMANDED when u do not have and i assume that this alone is a reason for hard rejection. Then, u have only horizontal version in this preview, when they look for both horizontal and vertical versions and this once again can account for your rejection. after this , have u have done is tasteful from where i sit but think about it, do u think that anyone would buy this type of item as such?this is rather quick for any professional to do the same by themselves. Though your item is not bad, i assume that even not professional would be able to do such a logo rather quickly on their own, without being design experts … this is why i tend to believe that u really need to find a way to introduce a kind of originality that makes a difference and bring your work to the next level. But, once again the idea is cool and the logo tastrful u have a cool base to work with :slight_smile: