Rejected logo. Any advice?


My logo was hard rejected because of quality standards and although I’m aware I cannot re-submit it, I was curious if there was any advice for my logo for improvement in case I ever decide to try another logo in the future? Thank you!

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hi well to be honest , i do not really get it … for me this logo looks cool, i do not mean that this is absolutely perfect and that nothing at all can be said about it, but in my view this is a really consistent job here … i guess the main mistakes are about alignment, in other words the flagging and / or the positioning of the tagline that could be improved and make more sense, especially when it comes to the horizontal version. i may add , as well, that imbrication could slightly be improved in the vertical version a little bit , even if this is also fine like this, nothing definitely overly important if u ask me … however , i regret the use of some strange colors more likely to “ruin a bit your work and the harmony resulting from it” , like for the violet color for instance, i would thus recommend that u choose not to display all sort of color variations but select carefully the most selling ones and the ones that value your work the most … the problem is that the concerned choice of color is not the right one for not matching much with the rest

Thank you so much! I will keep your advice in mind!

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hi i would rather recommend that u practice and try to make these changes effective, most of the people who are saying the kind of thing that u say actually turn out to come back to the forums after having another hard rejection and making the same mistakes in a different design, but it depends on

Ummm ok? All I said was thank you and that I keep your advice in mind? Also it looks like your last sentence cut off.

yes and all is was saying is that this is not the first time that i hear this , the problem is , unfortunately , most of the people who say “next time” indeed up posting here again after doing the same mistakes again and having the item rejected again but if u do not feel like reworking, it depends on u, i just share my experience, u are free to do “next time” if u feel like it, i just said to help u

This is literally my second time posting on this forum and I’ve been on this platform for probably almost a year (or less, I’m not quite sure) and I’ve taken the advice very seriously which is why I haven’t posted a lot of product on here since quality is important to me then quantity. It seems like your response is going off of personal experience you have seen in other designers and you know, it is what it is. Everyone’s different and maybe you just happen to find a lot of people who just pump out product just to make a quick buck. Point being, I’m not trying to be rude but, I’m just saying I will keep your advice in mind next time I do a logo. I obviously won’t be working this logo further since it’s hard rejected (which is totally fine) and will take the mistakes I did in this one and make sure I don’t make the same mistake for the next one. Are you understanding what I’m saying?

lol yes i am understanding but what i fail to understand is why we are having such a conversation when i just tried to help you mentioning what i use to see here , anyways, once again, i just said to help, people are free to do whatever they like, including not considering the advice, if they feel like it. Besides, yes u maybe right, not sure that in this case u can so very substantially change the logo so that u can bring it “significant changes” enough to it so that u can resubmit as the logo keeps being rather good in my opinion and i am rather likely to believe that it could have made it … have nice day and i wish u the best of luck for future submissions , i would just recommend that u try to find a place to post your item as such as i am pretty sure that in the many places where logos can be sold , u have a potential to make sales with the item without even editing it, now this is just a thought, have a good day :slight_smile:

Overall the logo looks good to me. Just consider the advice of reviewer and submit back for approval. This is how it works every single time something is rejected

Have a good day

Thank you