logo hard rejected


i’m new in graphicriver, my projects was rejected for the fifth time i don’t know why!!

i uploaded the main file (AI, Eps, Svg, Png and font text file), thumb (8080px) and preview image 5901500px.

any one can give a lillte help please

hi , as for me i think that there are a variety of reason why u got rejected. First of all , u have chosen to make a logo in a trendy style, which obviously hurts a bit originality wise. afterwards, your logo is not really punchy or visually impressive enough yet , but it ma come with a bit extra work :wink:
finally, i think that the typo u 've been using is just a bit too plain and here is typo is much of an issue to say the least. In other words, this is very likely that they only rejected your item for this matter. They will be asking u to do something more elaborated font wise

Thanks for your feedback,

There are several problems. But in my opinion the big problem is typography. Good Luck

Yes, I also think that typography is the main problem.

i’ll change and resubmit it again, thanks

thank you, i’ll use others typo next time,