graphicriver hard reject, why?


I’ve created the following logo design and it is hard rejected,
But they did not give any specific reason. So why did my logo design hard reject? My logo was quality.
As new I want to know the reason.

I’m working hard to create these items and I want to know the rejection reason because I don’t want to waste my time and energy on items that will be rejected.

Preview Image -03

Please help, thank you.

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same thing happened to me bro. they have become famous now and they don’t need us. i think so


I will not comment on your design but that he is the most perfect you would not be sure it be approved… logo category is one of the most difficult to approve design and sales is low, rather focus your energy on something else which can bring you profit and with it more motivation.

If you want to do create logo then you do it for clients, there is no future here in this category.


First one has too many elements it is an illustration not a logo. Also typography is far away from nowadays standars.

Second one it’s much better but looks unfinished. The proportion between graphic element and typo is wrong.

Imagine both logos in very small sizes. It become unreadable.


Really frustrated

Thanks a lot, dear for your advice.

Thanks a lot, dear for your advice

hi the first one is a combination of a mistake for a template , sorry to tell u just this , but I’d better tell u the reality so that u can identify what is the problem. The fact of the matter is that , in some cases, u can have a logo with a lot of details ,American franchises used to have and they were great but the trend has shifted to minimalist things globally (unfortunately) and detailed are looking rather bad when they are put in small size and here it looks that they consider the small size indeed. If u can possibly offer a logo like this to a customer, as a customized freelance job, for instance, this style is clearly not matching the needs a template marketplace , since , when u put two two together indeed, how many people would really have an identity in keeping with what seems to be your target? close to none, and this is just about target issues and commercial potential considerations … the design part has not even ben really considered yet in a way … I guess u can identify that a logo judged as having close to no commercial potential may not make it for sale… this is just for concept and “usability” so to speak . Then there’s the more traditional graphic part indeed. The real problem is the curved text not following the curve of the ground above … this looks not professionally executed enough like this and there is a negative impact of the global result visually speaking, I assume u can understand, right? After that the typo is really super flat and far from standards no matter what is the category here. Let’s face it, in GR, typo is a major issue, probably the major one, no matter what is the type of work u are creating. Right now, there is a blatant lack of relief, introducing variations, font combinations and possible touches of of originality would help to generate extra value , without the shadow of a doubt. Moreover, giving such an extensive name does not allow u to focus on the name so that there is what can be seen as a global lack of impact combined with problem of proportion between text and illustration, with the illustration part prevailing unreasonably over the text one, which, in terms of branding makes very little sense … Still more or less typo related , u cannot expect here to have the item approved when u are messing with the contrast graphic design principle. this one, as all the other one is an essential point, but particularly this one I might add, since this gets u into trouble in a snowball effect to have contrast-oriented issues …in all cases , like here there is a bad impact of exposure, readability and hierarchy of information. As nothing is outstanding, the text does not pop out so is rather hard to read and the hierarchy is not as good as could be expected owing to the problem of proportion between elements plus the colors failing to contrast enough …

for me the jump runner one is far far better … though there is a slight feeling of deja vu resulting from it. To tell u how I feel , I assume that this logo is a J letter one and this is one of my main 2 issues with what u have here … the J is hard to read to say the least … u should either have a gap between the body and right leg or at least a gradient with a darker color to be used as sort of a divider so that people can read the J much much more … pls see the attached file …
otherwise the main issue is once again a contrast one … to be honest , yes , this is harmonious, no doubt, I can;tblame u for this but to be honest your work is definitely not being underlined either … this is the bottom like. Let’s say that the main body of the logo could potentially be ok if we are not too rigorous, but for the tagline , this is simply not possible … the thing is unreadable , too thin, not contrasting enough too small if u do not do anything for the other issues , so that there is a real issue here

Thanks for your kind information.

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sorry I had forgotten to add the file lol


Thank you so much for explaining the problems.
Next time I will work with those issues in mind.


are u welcome , if u have enough clues as regard to what to do pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck for next submission :slight_smile:

Hi buddy. I think you will have to be very careful with advise or feedback you getting from this platform. Nothing wrong with your art, maybe you just not lucky or they thinks there’s no market for it.

Rejecting doesn’t meant it’s bad quality. I will suggest you calm down , take a break, think creatively and get back into designing. Don’t event try to add or change anything on this one. Let it go and start all over again with a different concept and submit . You might have many rejections or maybe not. Don’t be discouraged. I can feel your pain.

Then I will suggest you email Envato directly for feedback not on the forum. Remember you are dealing here with completion and before you realise your idea is gone


Thanks a lot for your advice dear. :sparkling_heart:

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I like the logo. I recognize the J & R in it as it stands for jump runner. I think that the color and other typo is an issue. But the idea and creativity is great.


Hi. It looks like you put a lot of work into the logos. That being said, the first one, Strawberry Property, is not going to make sense for most buyers. When you’re thinking about a logo related to property, it could be created for a home builder or a property manager, but strawberries don’t have anything to do with builders or property managers. Look on the Internet for ideas. Think about what relates to a property logo. If I was looking for a logo, I would like to see what it looks like on a white background also. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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I agree!

Can you suggest any other category?

You know best what knowledge have and go in that direction with learning on daily basis… browse the various categories and compare sales so decide what best for you.

Lot of authors search reasons for reject items but it does not matter he was rejected or approved if only it stands on the Market without earnings.

There are some strange criteria and today you just don’t know which will be approved, simply depends on reviewers and his mood.

You will not get an accurate answer on the forum except those already seen which are repeated from day to day, maybe to change the market because this is not the same as before.


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Will you suggest to me any other market?