Why my logo get hard rejected :(

Hello, i’m a beginner player in this graphic river and need ur opinion, master :((((

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hi well for me there are a variety of reasons for your logos to be hard rejected indeed … so here we go

1- proportion
if u ask me the proportion between texts and illustration is not the right one, at this stage the illustration is definitely prevailing over the texts , u should have a more balanced combination in my view …

2- typo
sorry to say just that but as regard to how much typo is an important issue here , the fact of the matter is that u are not close from required standards at the moment … u need to introduce more originality , more variations and more font combinations indeed, it will also help u to take your item to the next level in terms of hierarchy

3- hierarchy
honestly , right now this is basically too flat , u need to make sure that u make your logo grow more consistent out of playing more with illustration, typo , colors and so on so that a real relief is emerging out of it …

4- contrast
this is a basic design principle that u are somehow some way breaking right now … u fail at this stage have enough contrast between the logo and the background , which basically flattens all the work that u have done, presentation matters much and all details matter as well, especially when they are put two on two together with other things and issues …

5- limited commercial potential
i am sorry to tell u just this but choosing a combination of two letters like this is not a good idea, this is decreasing the commercial potential of your item as it basically means that the buyer would have to have both initials in common with what u have here , that they like it and want to buy it …

6- global style
this is too bad, with the base that u have here u had the opportunity to create something a bit more modern in terms of style, using more the pathfinder and shapes being withdrawn from others like most of the trendy logos nowadays … but u could not quite “connect” to the concerned style

7- harmony and combination of colors
u have really suprising colors sometimes in your preview, some colors coming out of the blue and that u are really not matching with the rest … think of your logo as a whole where harmony has to transpire from …

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thank u dude <3
btw i really interested to selling my project in gr. n i always improve n do better by critic of my design.
then, i try to upload my second logo design but the happen is got rejected again :frowning: (sad)
but it’s ok, mybe that my project design is under standard quality of GR

this is my second design that rejected, please gimme reason why this design got hard rejected. i saw many design in GR that same in case of my design that accepted but my design not accepted. Thanku dude ure good person! <3


This is a nice concept.

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hi for me this is quite cool to say the least … i would just say that maybe bringing a bit more originality, variations and font combinations in the typo would be welcome and u also, maybe, having the back part of the boat a little bit upper and contrasting a little bit more with the other part of the vessel … otherwise i have no idea what about what is wrong with this one, check also for the tagline, some people say this is optional , in the past it was required … so hard to tell …