Hello master
please can i ask about reason to reject my logo by hard reject
this is my logo

please can you guid me for me better advises

hi, for me the concept of the logo is not clear in the first place. Then, the execution time is rather small for anyone knowing how to handle the application and this is thus decreasing gamely the commercial potential of the item. Right now u do not succeed in offering something that will make potential buyer feel like that they can either save time out of buying your item or even enable them to offer a graphic product which is beyond the reach of a non pro buyer … in addition, visually speaking, the colors tend to create a a discrepancy between the illustration and and the text part and I am likely to believe that u could either have a more rounded shape or a less rounded text part so that both part match more. I also believe that the text is too stuck , there should more breathing between the illustration and texts …