why my logo is hard rejected ?

hi everybody ,
why my logo is hard rejected please ? HELP
regards image

I do not understand what criteria they use to reject a logo. There are many bad logos in the market. So I think it’s just a personal taste of the reviewer. It would be nice to have feedback from the reviewer himself.

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Hello Alesssio, I do not think my logo is the best, but envato must give us arguments when it refuses an item, I agree with you 100%, thank you

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Honestly looks perfectly fine to me. Reviewers unfortunately don’t give feedback on hard rejected items. The only things I can think of to “improve it” would be to remove the mouth line and the line on its butt, but that’s just preference, and that wouldn’t be nearly enough to submit again.

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hello Xiox , thank you for your help , i will try what you told me and others details .
thank you for help , appreciate !!!

hi guys ,
i chang the logo of buffalo and always hard reject , can you give me a feedback about the second ??
I don’t understand why . thee is my second logo , HELP !!!