I can't find out why my logo was hard rejected, please help me!

Hello guys,

I have submitted this logos and they have been hard rejected after 13 submitting times.

I have done so many researches to find what are the reason that I got rejection. However, I still have not found any reasons why my logo has been rejected after remade it so many times. Then, I decided to create this thread to ask everyone about what I have done and help to find a well answer. Here are the files that I have submitted:

I have struggled to this problem for about 4 weeks. Please help me to get the answer, many thanks guys!

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Can anyone help me, please!!!

This is not an open marketplace. Only items of high enough quality are accepted. So, rather than asking “why was this item rejected,” a better way to look at it is by asking “why should this item be accepted?”

Your logo is extremely simple and plain (I see the face in the design but it’s too flat/solid for the logos section nowadays). Go take a look at the logos that have been accepted to get an idea of what kind of design gets accepted here.

Also, I see you have one previous logo that got accepted 2+ years ago. The design standards have changed since then, so I really recommend you go through and take a look, and work on logos that are more modern.

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Maybe ! i think in this market places we must create general things & not so general ! i mean your logo need to touch many fields & have a large public. that’s remains my opinion, & for this logo, i see that is great & very deep

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Looks great. But womens neck is too long. It looks weird. Maybe that’s the reason?!

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Thank you for your excellent suggestion. I’ve been waiting for this comment a long time ago. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much again, I hope you will be a milionaire on envanto.

Thanks for your advice, I have ever never thought it. I’ll do what you suggested.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll fix and re-submit it again.