Help me find out why my logo design was hard rejected, please!

Hello guys,

I have submitted 3 logos and they have been hard rejected after 13 submitting times.

I have done so many researches to find what are the reason that I got rejection. However, I still have not found any reasons why my logo has been rejected after remade it so many times. Then, I decided to create this thread to ask everyone about what I have done and help to find a well answer. Here are the files that I have submitted:


I have struggled to this problem for about 4 weeks. Please help me to get the answer, many thanks guys!

Help me, please!

Hello, is there anybody in there? :frowning2:

Hope there’s someone…

Hi, in my advice, your logos is not trendy style made. i mean you have to work more on the first one (the bird), for the second (infinity), it exists already on the market, try to bring something new! the third one (jump over) sorry but this is a ugly logo! please try to work more on your logos. get inspired from the tuts+ community to how to make logos for exp. Good Luck :slight_smile: