Item Rejected Don't know why Please Help!


Please help me to know why my logo is rejected on graphicriver !

Many thanks

hard reject?

yes it hard rejected

Your design is great. But think it might me similar to another item on the market. But there could be other reasons as well.


no it is not similar to other, because not mention in rejection mail. I want to know the exact reason while i am seeing the most weird design on graphic river


They dont give any reason in Hard Reject. So you cant say this is not the reason. All you can do is improve the design and resubmit.

mine says i can’t re-submit it too?! Its 100% own work done from scratch, i don’t think they even properly look at it coz the item i submitted last night also got rejected together with the previous item. I think they just simply tick it off… its discouraging and frustrating, at least say WHY it was not approved! i see so many similar designs too, mine is just a logo, lucky i didn’t spend hours designing something big like a magazine or somethings. Such a waste! I even see much worse design files on envato elements, the curated designs there, i downloaded some flyers and it has visible guides, unnecessary layers and its immature design but thats up for sale on the curated envato elements website even, its strange! I’m disappointed totally.