About GraphicRiver Logo Rejection.!!

Hello Authors,

I have upload two logo items in graphic river, and both logo are rejected from envato reviewer team. I don’t know why my items rejected from them.

They guys also not specify the issue the reason behind of reject my item.

I have upload all the items and all things care as per the standard guideline. I have also care logo template mutual things like (path should be clear, object should be clear, also text should be editable and mentioned text detail in the document.

I just want to know in logo .ai file should be required design in layered or grouped…? Please help me guys i am new comer in envato market, i have started my profile from August 2018.

I really need your help for the same. Please update your feedback and suggestion

Hiren Patel - HN Creative.

hi buddy indeed, as for me hard rejections were justified, at this stage your typo selection and fint combinations are definitely not interesting enough for them to accept anything here , as this category is one of the toughest ones of all … u have to identify that here typo is prevailing over all the rest … it can be discussed, for sure as normally typo is just one of varied elements that matter but this is the way things are working here … besides the proportion between name and tag line is not perfect either …
in addition to be honest with u , i would try to put a bit more effort in the graphic part as well , the last two completely at the bottom look much more in keeping with what could make it but u most importantly display the flat ones on top, so , i guess it can absolutely not make it in such conditions … try to rework it taking into account what i said and try to post again, maybe u will be more lucky next time :slight_smile:

Thanks @n2n44

We will create other one and will give our best.

u can also opt for upgrading this one, it may work , what has to be fixed in not so very much of a big deal indeed :slight_smile: