Graphic River Logo Item Hard Rejection - Question & Feedback



I submitted my first Logo to Graphic River yesterday, but unfortunately my item was rejected (hard rejection).
Since no feedback or critique was provided inside the email, I was wondering if you could give me some feedback and point me in the right direction. It would really help as I am interested to try again.
Links :

Thanks in advance!


let me be honest. I am not an expert but i think that a new logo like the ones that are offered in envato should demonstrate the usefulness of the item. The majority of logos I have seen here DO NOT contain letters and not two different text divided by a line. Ok ,lets say a person likes the design but the just with one word “SUMMIT” and they don´t want the date at the bottom, what are they gonna add there?, they will be force by the design to put something in it. otherwise, the will have a huge black area (this if your item is customizable).
I dont see any company with that kind of logo. to me It look unprofessional and lacks of detail.
I will really recommend you to start a new one. just look at the most recent logos accepted, that should give you a clearer idea of what the standars are. Remember I am not an expert. this is just my humble opinion.

check these logos out.

best regards.


hi as for me, indeed i do not completely agree with this, as there’s a big trend going on for a while which is more or less in the same style …


hi for me the reason for the rejection is that u are in between two things, the traditional logos and the trendy badges that u can see everywhere as of now … i also tend to believe that u need to put a bit more work in your creation and makes some sort of 3D or relief so that the thing looks more worked out , modern and interesting


ohhhh!! i did not know that. thanks. can you show me some examples.I based my comment on my non-expertize and on the items i have seen over the marketplace.


hi buddy indeed, u can find some almost anywhere, all u have to do is just type “badge” in the search engine and u’ll find a maelstrom of examples of things like this coming, but they will be a it more worked out , they are also not always used as real logo, they can be many things indeed, but can be also used as a logo too …


For me this is more Badge like a Logo.


i tend to agree also, but for me at this stage this is still a bit too much in between these two, it should be clearly one or the other so that it works well …