Desperately need feedback on this Logo please

This was a logo that I uploaded to GraphicRiver hoping that I’d get approved at least this time but I wasn’t. I didn’t receive any good reason for its rejection but I had high hopes when I prepared this logo. Can anyone help me figure out the possible reason or give me a pointer so that I can do better the next time. What do you guys think about this work?

I thought it was so uninspiring from the reviewer(s) to have rejected this one without even mentioning the reason for rejection.

I think that your logo is basic easy that I can make it, your need make a logo expert good draw for accepted your sell, regards.

Hi, in my opinion this is one of the really good logos, compare to what I have seen on Gr. Maybe I dont understand why neck is string, but it has nothing to do with logo quality, and is not a reason for rejection.

Many times people here are asking for reasons of rejection, and I better say nothing, because there is a must of change everything on their work to become good, here is the opposite, nothing to be changed in my point of view.

I feel with you the frustration about the rejection :sweat:

Guy with above comment use to say this almost on every of his comments, probably in case of verbal skills, somtimes its funny :slight_smile:

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i do not think that it has nothing to do with string buddy , at least i hope so, as this is an artistic choice and it would be like castration to have an item rejected for this matter and most importantly it would be again the very item of creating something unique , when Envato is preaching the other way around …

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hi, for me this is not far from an approval, the concept is nice, the execution as far as the illustration goes is good and in ternes of uniqueness it couldn’t get any better … . in addition , u could turn a trendy thing into a creative one, which is kind of cool … , The only problem that u are facing is that the typo that u are using is too plain and as i use to mention here , this is very unlikely that they accept something that is too plain or not original enough here. The typo needs to work well graphically , to be worked out , there this is the typo u use or the association that u are making. if u can rework just that and and do well about it, that re-submit and that u cannot get approved, then i would just recommend that u go to see your work somewhere else where it will be do good in my view :wink:

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Nico, but this is nowadays typography trend, this is whats wanted (I really dont want to make this topic discussion about what is and what should be trendy) and also with (very) different typography the logo maybe wont work and be clean and complex as is now. Maybe enough is to make texts grey, maybe the second line could be caps, but… Maybe best choice is the last what you have said.

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i agree with u @SoulDesign, this is the bottom line , 100% agree indeed … as for me, sometimes we are also kind of creatively blocked by these review things , no doubt. However , think about it , what is the goal? that he sells here ? because if so he needs to adapt to what they expect for here , if not, then , he should not change anything and go to sell somewhere else for sure because he got hard rejected and unless he does something to fit the style here , then he will not make it with this product … either u abide by the rules or u do not, if he wants to make it here , he has to. Now, as for logos, the greta thing is that there are tons of places where guys can sell their items (th logo category is unique for this … just like the vector one), so maybe he can try not to waste time and submit somewhere else, this is fine too. But, i also assume that if he came to ask here , this is because he does want to have his item approved here (too, if he is non exclusive) and to have it on sale in GR and if so , in other words, i guess there is no other choice than doing what people expect for here …

just a word about what u have said by the way , if u ask me, this advice that i gave to him, that is just out of observing lots of things going on here , but, the fact of the matter is that if u ask me personally this is making not much sense to say the least to have such an issue on typo as the text is meant to be changed and that apart from colors, typos are the only thing that customer can easily interact with so that they appropriate the logo and make it in keeping with their own tastes … one of the two only ways they can personalize it.

i can tell you, i am working in an agency for very long now and i had the case of a customer trying to make us change the typo of a logo to comics sans ms , which not only means a lot but also is a DON’T in the design industry … beforehand they had a way more harmonious one, and a more professional one i might add, but the guy was also looking for appropriating the logo and make it get in keeping with his own taste … hence the bad move in the end and the horrible choice … . Believe me when u are a designer and that u end up doing something like this when u did your best to have as good and professional a logo in the first place, this is not something enjoyable, but we had had no choice

what is disturbing me with this way of doing , is that, besides just like u mentioned, when we read between the lines, is that we cannot or almost cannot use a bit plain a typo (like a modern sans serif one) even if this is appropriate with the style , the activity and the trend, which is quite a thing that we can discuss by the way … isn’t the goal to have a harmonious logo in the end and that is in keeping with an activity codes or that it looks modern ? well i think this is … . The thing is that this is not our marketplace and that there is a quality control and that people there in Envato offices have some expectations that authors have to deal with …

What is disturbing on the other hand is that if a lot of items are being rejected because of the (too) plain typo things is that some using the same typos manage to go through and we fail to see where the clear “guideline” is , hence the unhappiness (or frustration) of some guys … we all know there are too many submissions and authors in this category already , this is no secret , as well as they have to reject a lot nowadays for this very same reason indeed, but guidelines are sometimes not clear enough in a lot of guys views

i will also end up with saying that i only submitted logos on a few isolated occasions here and that i did not do that much because something like one time out of two u get rejected and do not always identify what is the reason for being rejected. TO get into deeper details i have a good friend here who is a top author and expert in logo designs. After being satisfied what i had done and being hard rejected , i have decided to send to him and my friend told me well, your logo is very good , i have no idea at all why it could not make it here … i have 13 year-long experience in the graphic design business , my friend has even more and is an expert in logo design (what i am not , i am being honest , i rather consider myself as a visual maker and have better skills for creating complex compositions, i feel more skillful when it come creating flyers and so on …) but none of them could understand … . In these kind of cases, u have to kind of options, that is to say to try to re-work and submit again over and over again until it works or u can choose another place to sell your stuff …

oh yes i was about to forget , indeed , i completely agree with u the tagline thing is definitely something that we do not always need in my view, we know that the american marketplace maybe more interested in to having it but what i can say is that if should be kind of optional all companies to not need it to say the least and that in some part of the planet this thing is definitely not being used actually …

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Well @n2n44 Im not sure if you are not a new Hemingway hehe :wink:

Yes a lot of true in your words, I also understand the well known “funny” stories when client asks for Comic Sans :sweat_smile: Anyway I don’t think we can say “the typography can be changed later”, the typography is important part of logo design, sometimes all the design is just typography…

In this case, Im not sure if the review was accurate (for sure sometimes everybody can do mistakes). While searching for logos on Gr, sometimes the already approved items makes me laughing, in “they are kidding” meaning. So I don’t see any reason, why this class of work should not be approved.

I think @Prabhuganga maybe could just try to separate the text part a bit with different colour, as I have said before. Maybe the good promotional preview could count… I think there is an option to request on support if your work is rejected and you think with no serious reasons (but probably everyone thinks he’s work is great haha).

Nothing more to be said :slight_smile: Good luck.

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@n2n44 @SoulDesign

Thank You so much guys for your feedback. I really appreciate the time that you took to view my work and analyse it as well. It makes me feel much better now because at least there are fellow members here who thinks like I do. I’m not sure if this item can be submitted once again with minor changes as the reviewer didn’t mention anything about resubmitting. I’ll have to work something out with the typo as you guys suggested and will have to try some other place to sell.

Thank you so much once again guys! It means a lot to get feedback from pros like you!

u are welcome, now as for answering your question , indeed u are not supposed to do according to rules set by envato, now some guys do submit without changing anything and sometimes it works, but , as mentioned above this is normally not done lol

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I’m no expert here, but that logo looks pretty awesome to me.


You’re welcome, and i have to say that I am not a pro, just work around design for a couple of years, and can recognize the basics of aesthetics :slight_smile:

Hy there.
I think the main reason is the illustration. For me it just doesn’t look like a cat. More like a panther or smth like that. You have to work more on the drawing. I like the font used. Also, in Romania there is already a Cat Media productions. Has e great logo. Google it, maybe comes in handy.


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For me thats the point - panther is a big cat, not? :slight_smile:

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Not exactly.

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What than, cat between 25 and 30 cm in neck? :smile:

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I really like the idea. The features to highlight that it is a cat seem a little ambiguous to me. I like the white you use for the eye. Maybe highlight a few more features using the white to create more definition. Just an idea. Keep up the good work.

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Hi @YczCreative

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

A panther is a big cat. Here big cat doesn’t mean an over sized home cat, but ‘Big Cats’ refer to wild predators like the lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard, panther, puma etc. which comes under the cat family in animal science (used informally). It is a universal term. When I created this logo, I wanted to represent all of these cats and therefore if you felt it looked like a panther, the logo actually worked!

Sorry I couldn’t find the reference Cat Media logo that you mentioned. Glad if you could just provide a link. :slight_smile:

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Sorry. Cat Music, not Cat Media. My mistake
Well i didn’t have in mine wild animals when you said Big Cats. I thought of a really big cat :))
Glad it worked out

@Prabhuganga, @SoulDesign and @YczCreative, i think that the whole of u guys are also failing to keep something in mind that is to say a drawing is a big subjective, if we want to , we can see a cat, a panther or another feline so is that a big anyway ? i thin that this is the opposite way around , te more unsure the thing turns out to be the best this is for his sales as he will not only have a buying base in cat related things but to a wilder extend have all feline things being potentially interested , whites way better anyway …