My logo has been rejected, please help me

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I think that green dark is bad color your logo.

@n2n44 please you help with he for solved was hard rejected thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @RionSimarmata

I think the symbol of cat is not in proper shape, user can be not visualized in one time see. you can find some reference of cat and try shape like that. logo round symbol is minor big, if you wanted to perfect logo so you can try Golden Ration.

Thanks for your advice

hi i think that the problem is the following , u have introduced two very distinct concept in one logo and at this stage it’s been hard for u to handle both at the same time … at first glance we rather identify sort of a “creature” maybe sort of a “unicorn-cat” LOL which makes me think much about cosplay and these japanese “transgender” species. I guess that the thing that i must say once the said, this is that the leaf is taking over the “cat concept” once u get into deeper details, probably because of a matter of a execution that is not completely satisfying enough right now (probably because of the profile illustration of the cat). IN addition , u clearly have a rather flat and not convincing enough typo for the moment … the typo is rather classic, lacking originality , coherence or cohesion with the illustration part and lacking variations and font combinations, not to mention that is not completely imbricating well , getting the text closer from the illsutation would help u to have a more convincing result , indeed. I guess that part of the way to solve the typo issue, apart fro reworking it is to introduce the tagline , so that u can play more with elements and manage to bring more impact to the table

thank you for your advice, it really helped me, I will try better

u are welcome if u feel like u have enough clues to get to know how to take you item to the next level u can check the “solution” box, good work and good luck :slight_smile:

Though i’m new one in this sector…Your logo title is green cat, but your cat is black…
may be this is the problem…