5 Logo Rejected in 4 days


Can anyone help me please i upload 5 logos and all of them hard-reject.
Anyone wanna help i don’t think the logos i made are that bad.


Hello @ScarlettAdrian

You should post a picture with the logos here if you want to receive feedback :blush:


Hello @ScarlettAdrian

Please upload your image format .jpg for we can help you, thank you.


This are the logo i upload this month and all rejected.

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I think the logos are OK not super good but i have seen logos approved much bad than the one i upload.
Please Help

did you watermark your work ?

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This yes but not the one i upload it

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Help Please

Are the logos and the presentation that bad?

HI ScarlettAdrian,

But, to me, from the four logos, this is the one with less chances to get approved.

  • This is the best of the four logos. In my opinion, they could give you at least a soft rejection on this one, maybe the problem is the font you are using, seems a very common font (both typo and tagline, but mainly typo):
    Preview-Image — ImgBB

And increase the space between the tagline and “ARCHITECT LABIRINTE” text.

  • The same: Increase the space between the tagline and typo. And use a bolder and not so common font:

I’m counting with more experienced users to help you :+1:

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Thank you for your feedback
It would be unbelievable if I got a hard-reject base on the font.
I just hope someone can help because now i can upload next month.


I wish I could help, but unfortunately I’m not a logo designer. Please wait for more experienced users to provide their input on your work. We have an awesome community here, I’m sure people will help you out!

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Thank you @MrsEnabled
I beliebe no one will help me.

Can anyone help me please

Hello @MrsEnabled do you have any friends who can help me can you please redirect someone to this topic, please.
Thank you

hi very difficult to comment accurately all with so many logos in one time … pls next time post one logo in one thread … anyway … let’s get started

ariola brand
1- global style
this is too crammed and too detailed and this maybe be potential ok for a custom logo but for a template this is not , especially for here where logos are considered in small size … small size basically crushes details and make the logo in the vignette like a “block” which is neither aesthetic nor selling
2- lack of concept
i am sorry to tell u just this but honestly i have no idea what the concept is , apart from a sort of modified “a” letter … which is not a concept if u ask me …
3- execution
do not get me wrong i do not mean there is a real problem about it , but if u wanna know how i feel , the b is very difficult to analyze as being a b … there is nothing intuitive and this drives me to highlight another problem, pls see the next point …
4- low commercial potential
apart form the things that i mentioned decreasing the interest that people may have for this logo, the doubling of initials is a “nail in the coffin” so to speak … as people will see u as targeting and addressing people or company having a AB initials sequence, which is quite small …
5- typo
this is clean but flat , variations, font combinations and touches of originality, if possible, are expected to generate more relief and bring a “wow effect” to the table …

dial direct
i globally like it , this is tasteful but to be honets all the way , there are some things to comment all the same …
1- lack of concept
as for me i not really understand what is the guideline and concept and i think that this is a problem for nowadays’ marketplace , this is not 2009 anymore and generic things are more like to be synonymous with the item being “buried alive” rather any other thing … the best way nowadays is to hit a niche and make sure that a targeted audience understand that they are being addressed
2- color combinations
the grey and red is not a super good idea , this is not overly punchy and modern and this is bringing another problem to the table as regard to contrast …
3- contrast
the grey colors is not super punchy and is not contrasting that much with the background so that your item is not super valued if u ask me …

architect labyrinte
1- extended name
pretty bad choice to select such a loooooong name, this is bringing some misbalance to the table , the logo looks like spreading much and this is neither aesthetic nor helping to focus the attention
2- too complex
once again this is a template which is different from a customized logo , u cannot play soccer on a basketball field lol look at the small vignettes and u will realize that u almost cannot see anything of the logo in small size and that this looks bulky instead and as u may guess bulky is not super aesthetic lol
3- typo
once again the same comments apply for this logo … u need to take your game to the next levels far as typo goes as expectations here are high … if u do not , u may get into a lucky game … once the thing gets approved and once this is not , which is is not your goal i guess … asu have to collect all possible guaranties that the item makes it for sale …
4- spacing or imbrication
i cannot identify what is wrong maybe one or the other or maybe both but something is wrong about the positioning of the text as regard to the illustration, if u ask me …

royal coffee
1- global style
sorry to tell u just this do not take it personally, pls, but this looks pretty old a style if u ask me …i think that this reduces gamely the commercial potential of the item , not to mention that i makes u get into a disconnection of the two parts …
2- typo
for me the typo is really disconnected from the illustration as there is something retro and curvy about the illustration and i can find none of these ingredient in the text part …and indeed, i feel like what u have here is once more time sort of flat if u wish
3- justification
hard to figure out why the tagline if being aligned / justified like this, in particular when it comes to the horizontal version, where the thing makes no sense at all quite frankly … text would rather be much more efficient being flagged on the left for the version and in the middle for the vertical one …
4- imbrication
this is not great there is a need to improve the positioning of the text as regard to the illustration … so that this looks more like imbricating and being a whole …
5- details
the logo as such is a style but details are rather likely to be problems, like the curves in each angle indeed …

play on
1- global style
i like it but the thing look very familiar to me, i guess that it must be very close from a rather famous brand indeed, which is not a good idea in my view …
2- colors
for me u failed to generate a continuity there , the tete and illustration part look disconnected somehow , why not playing with the tete as u played with the illustration and introducing several colors for the concerned text?
3- alignment
i am not sure as i dod not actually check the preview in photoshop but this looks as if u have not aligned illustration and text properly, am i wrong? for me this feeling being generated , whether i am right or wrong definitely impacts negatively what u have done visually speaking … pls let me remind u that in case i am right, alignment is basic design principle and this is clearly not a good idea to mess with it as this will be synonymous with a lot of trouble … and a rejection …

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Thank you very much for the info on all the logos.
So in one word, all the logos are not that good.

@n2n44 I admire you.

You write so much! You do a great job when try to help other!

If shortly : yes.

Color, font choice, balance betwen lines in logo and balance with fonts. Is simple but effective. Is multipurpose.

Item description and tags important too.


I had many rejected works. Sooooo maaany…

You need to analyze what other people are doing. And not to say “What makes this work better than mine” but to think how to make better YOUR WORK.

Best regards.

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Hello @djjeep

I am super happy you write here.
I analyze some of the logos and in my opinion, are simple but yes effective but I also feel that there is nothing to create because you already did it all.
And I know that logo works but you also can find that everywhere.
I got Hard-Reject to all of them and maybe some of them are not good but i think some of the logos should get a soft-reject maybe.
Thank you for all the feedback to @webdesigntrade, @MrsEnabled, @n2n44 and @djjeep
I will try better next month and hope I didn’t upset or offend nobody.

Thank you very much again

lol i hope i do not only try but manage to help others lol i do my best for this, at least (even if some people are really ungrateful sometimes, to say the least … i mean not many of them, but some isolated authors because deep inside they feel that they are so very good, when they are not … ) … there is no reason to praise me indeed, for me this is natural as i have never seen this place a competition one and , in addition, this is not in my life philosophy to try to compete with others … if i write a lot this is because i try to bring some deep analysis to the table , do not get me wrong, i do not mean that fast ones are not useful but most of the time they do not completely point at the problems and most of the time do not always offer solution to fix them … i try t do so , i hope i achieve to do it , this is this simple

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