Logos Hard Rejection, Help me please.

My logos got hard rejected, please help me to improve them.


hi indeed for the last two ones, i do not know … i really have no idea … but the first two ones, what a pity! u had a great job with the graphic part in my view but “ruined it” somehow some way by choosing really too plain (the 1st one) or inappropriate (2nd one) typos to write the company’s name … for the 2nd one this is thwe worst … u use an old style font when u should have used the the same type as the base of the M in the graphic part … just fix this and give these two another try , we never know that may / should work :slight_smile:

Thanks bro :slight_smile:
I will try to resubmit the first two one as per your suggestion :wink:

yeah this is good but do not forget to bring it the required changes beforehand lol :slight_smile: