Need proper and valid information about hard rejection. PLEASE HELP


Hello everyone,

I am new here and facing this problem, Last week (was my first week) I’ve uploaded 7 different logo template but 5 of them got rejected. They are not showing any proper reason behind it.

I just got the mail saying - “it isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on GraphicRiver. As the submission is too far off the standards we require”

I have uploaded all the valid required files ( AI, EPS10, JPEG, PNG ), there was no dispute in the files, they are easy editable, resizable, 100% vector but got rejected. I also read most of the help articles but didn’t find anything that describes the proper meaning of -

" what exact quality standard graphic river wants for logo template "

PLEASE HELP ME,:frowning: if you have any any anyyyy information that can guide then please let me know. I REALLY NEED HELP.

I am attaching the rejected designs.

thank you in advance.


hi do not try to understand , the thing is that no one manages to do anyway … they have tons of logos and basically choose whatever they feel like until lots of guys, me included have been feeling like this is not really a big deal to try to submit in this category as u are never sure that u can get approved anyway …

as for your submissions, i woudl say that i am almost sure that u have either copyright or uniqueness issues, the other ones are pretty good if u ask me and worked out , the brave / lion one is definitely even gorgeous if u ask me … now i guess that the only reason that they may find for a rejection is that fonts or fonts combinations probably not specific enough for them …