Reject on GraphicRiver - Logo Template upload.

Hello forum,

After 2 months of tries to upload some logos on GraphicRiver, all of them got rejected without a specified reason. We tried to do everything possible from the “Creating Logo Templates” & “Logo Templates Submission Requirements” articles but with no luck.

Thank you for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

hi for me this is mainly an issue of typo indeed, i mean apart from adding the required tag line … indeed, your typo is flat and not original nor is it combining fonts , if u manage to fix this, i see no reason for the thing not to be accepted

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Are there some images that I’m not seeing for some reason?

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Thanks, I will note this.

Well just because you followed the guidelines and rules for uploading logos to GraphicRiver, doesn’t mean that the item will get accepted. There are multiple factors, such as maybe your logos could be improved, there are too many similar logos on the marketplace, there was a recent influx of logo submissions and they couldn’t accept all of them, etc. The logo category is one of the hardest categories on the site, and it’s also one of the most popular.

The other guy wasnt saying that you requested to delete your post, that was there because HE requested to remove HIS post.

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