3 Logos Rejected

Hi I have sent to graphicriver 3 logos in this week but they are rejected my 3 logos. Please help! what can i do?

My logos link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zucwvrzpdzdtxv9/AADyekAPdBjmJZbs7FSUaY-Ra?dl=0

hi, don’t be surprised to to get rejected here indeed. here the focus is on typo (which is discussable for a logo) and u have to identify this … people here are expecting that u use particular fonts and being harmonious with your work, if u make some harmonious but that the typo looks too plain , u have very good chance to have your item rejected. I think that this is the mater for your three logos that u showed, however , the second one is harmonious and looks serious as expected for this activity and in my case, i think it should have made it , but that’s just my opinion … . for the other one, let’s say that this is clean but introducing a bit more originality and working it out a little bit more again would be welcome in my view so that u take your items to the next level

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