Mi item got rejected on Graphic River. I need feedback.

I need feedback pls. Why my work was rejected?
Thank for your help.
P.s Im new here. I was uploaging 3 works and all was rejected.

Hi @DJHaski
I think that graphicriver already have similar it.


hi i think that this is not exactly s trendy as it used to be in the first place and second of all , i think that u thus need to manage to put some originality into it somehow someway , then u have to put more effort into bringing a real presentation to the table , this one is not valuing your work and u have a very big issue of contrast and readability in addition …

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thank you for feedback!

thank you for feedback! I am really aappreciative this

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hi if u have enough clues for u to know how to take your game to the next level pls check the “solution” box

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