Item rejected - looking for feedback

Hi, my item was rejected (“isn’t at the quality standard required”) and I am looking for feedback, as no other reason was stated - so I don’t know if it’s technical, aesthetic, or other. I provided at 3000x3000px, 300dpi, seamless, JPEG, patterns. (I have sold 25 of this item on other sites in a few weeks, so far).

Thanks for that, I hope so too …

I think that bad colors background, you need change colors and other effects maybe approved, regards.

Hi, thanks for the advice. I’ve only been selling items recently, and thought Graphic River would be a good option. I’ve found my more “abstract/girly” items don’t get approved, but the more conservative ones have so far, which is just a few. So I think I just need to be mindful of the market/approvers on Graphic River, and consider their tastes more. Also, one of my items was approved, and I submitted a different colored version, with similar designs, and it was rejected, by a different approver I think. So it seems that maybe it also depends on which approver may be reviewing the item. (I’ll stick to selling this particular item on other sites, where it is doing quite well. I don’t seem to have much luck with getting items on Graphic River, but my sales are nearing 2000 on other sites).