Item was rejected for unspecified quality reasons but seems high quality.

My upload was rejected from GraphicRiver for not meeting the quality standard, no other info was specified in the rejection email.

However the graphics are of higher quality specs than many of the existing items I’ve seen listed.

The dimensions are 13500x13500px or 42x42in (which is common for all-over-print shirts from what I’ve seen, and that is the intended purpose of the design). I included PNGs as well as the layered photoshop file with all layers labelled. The graphics are 300dpi as well.

Also the rejection email mentioned I can’t submit the item again. I can’t understand why though. If it truly is a quality issue then surely fixing the issue would make it worthy if quality was the only issue.

The design is not good enough to be sold as premium item.

I don’t understand what is it.

Sorry. Should have mentioned it’s in the abstract category so it’s open to interpretation like all the other abstract art.

I’ve posted similar stuff on videohive and been accepted into the abstract category but maybe for graphics it’s a little more cutthroat.

:joy: good one!