My First Item in Graphic River is REJECTED!! Feeling Upset.

I have worked hard to build a magazine temple. But after uploading the template they rejected after 4 days. They told me in their email that the quality isn’t standard required to move forward, and I won’t be able to re-submit this item again. I am really feeling upset.

Please help to rectify my error. I am attracting the file zip.

hi firts of all u have a technical issue as u are not supposed to included the model …apart from this , this is not a “magazine template” that u have here but the template of a magazine cover , which is completely different, as u have only one page in the zip file … in addition , according to me , your cover is a bit too monolithic … there is nothing really popping out in the end , this is the same color everywhere, u do not have graphic elements at all but red texts. It seems to me that u could by the way find more harmonious typo combinations again and the whole thing in a general way is a bit too flat, too rough or too raw. Do not get me wrong i do not mean that this is really not good all teh way but the fact of the matter is that u have a lot of things lacking at this stage all the same, hopefully, with a bit more effort u can make it reach the next level and have it approved :slight_smile:

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my friend

first thing -> when you are upset play Bob Marley music

Second thing -> Imagine you are Envato elements Contributor (I am) - you can upload your items without any review -> BUT -> your portfolio is reviewed from time to time - at first review I got about 50 items deleted, Items which were accepted on graphicriver - Imagine how I feel then :slight_smile:

Third thing -> never give up - after someone from stuff deleted my items I uploaded twice more :slight_smile: and finally I saw $$$$ when earning report came

don’t worry :slight_smile: be stoned :slight_smile: ehehhee



my friend, let’s face it , at this stage , this is not surprising if Purkait had his item rejected …
once this is said, joining elements is not given to all people as envato people are selecting who is part of it and i was not chosen lol i guess a lot of authors will not be able to join either …

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Thanks for your support. I will think every point you said and make my product better next time. Do you have any suggestions?

Yeah! I love BOB Marley. And your story is too inspiring. Can you share your portfolio?

my suggestion? do not do next time, do now lol hahahah

Envato elements is hard to control, ju have thousands or tens of thousand item added every week and envato elements team have to cotroll all of them soonner or later - So I thing they are letting there some new authors from time to time but they can’t approve all authors because they couldn’t control the quality.

Many times I saw webste templates in print category - some authors are cheating to be more visible there and envato have to deal with this.

I suggest you fill the form twice a month and you chances will increase. ;]

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