Why my item rejected?

Hi everyone.my item has been rejected and I don’t really know what the problem is.Can anyone help me pls?
Note1:in the Help File I included my instagram url
Note2:Included formats were just PSD
Note3:in the description section,I mentioned that this file includes a preview image but I actullay didn’t put that due to the TOS of GraphicRiver

It’s my second item that has been rejected and I couldn’t publish even one item on this platform :relieved: :frowning_face:

hi do not bother with technical issues … if there is a problem with help file, a preview or whatever , u get your item soft rejected and u are given the right to edit or modify what is supposed not to be ok and resubmit … in this case , thus hard rejection, this is a matter of quality and the bottom line is that i can identify why your item has been rejected … ok, so let’;s go …

1- general style
let’s face it u do not have any really original out there and the fact of the matter is that , at this stage, there is not much graphic design in what u have created … i suggest that u "push the envelope " and bring significant effort in the composition by introducing elements of your choosing and make them all work together … see point 2
2- commercial potential
i am sorry to tell u just this, pls do not take it personally , as i guess u have done according to your possibilities , but the thing is that people would probably not be likely to pay for something where u bring so very little to the table and that could be redone easily and quickly , by the way … look, most of the people who come to buy here , this is more likely to be saving time. At the moment, they would not really save time out of buying so they would rather redo by themselves and save money … there’s got to be a money worth feeling and u do not have enough design into this right now …
as a sort of conclusion for points 2 and 3 i would say that , people maybe wandering what they would have been buying if your file had been accepted and that some people had eventually bought it … since, when u take out the model, there is even less elements left in the main file and the model cannot be included …
3- integration and harmony
well as for me i tend to believe that the small number of elements that u have are rather pasted right next o each other right now rather working as a whole and being really composited indeed. U have only the beginning on the blending of the model with the background but at the moment this is not yet convincing enough and as for the rest this is lacking unity globally both in the disposition and the finition … see point 4 and 5
4- disposition
hard to identify what is logics behind of the disposition that u have here and the transition between the slanted title and normal texts has not really been insured right now, this end up having u rouble to organize the canvas rather than any other thing and this also bring some spacing issues to the table , see point 6
5- finition
u should bring some shadows and other elements , like some adjustment layers so that the item combine in a much better way …
6- spacing
hard to understand the discrepancy between texts , why is there so much space between the two lines of the footer? why keeping a larger spacing between the main title and the footer on the right than on the left ? this introduces misbalance …
7- misbalance
there are several areas in this flyer that turn out to be super empty compared with the rest , your role is to make sure that this is not the way users are feeling …
8- hierarchy
well this is partly due to colors and sizes but the problem is that your main title is not really super much punchy or outstanding than the rest
9- coherence
this looks pretty strange to have the club in the middle like this and not to have any themed night or the title for an event, or something like this … u have to keep in mind the famous “who, what, where , when” to have a better understanding on what are the pieces of information that really matter and need to be emphasized


Hi,Many thanks for taking your time and reviewing my design step by step :pray: :pray: :pray:
I believe in most of the things you mentioned here.But,I think some of them are mostly related to"design style".Anyone has it’s own design style,so I think that it depends on my own style choosing which place is best for my model,texts,… and how do I combine them so that it would be still outstanding and meaningful.anyway,with respecting to your opinions,I wonna response to some of them:
1-I usually do not use too much elements in my designs,However I think the count of elements I used here are enough to present a party event
6-Yes,That’s true,there is some space on the right side,But I tried to fill out there by adding “Non Stop Party” to make an equal visual weight on the both sides
8-I tried to make it outstanding by choosing a different color and a different font(Let me know if you suggest any other thing)
9-the text Non Stop “Party” is used for this purpose
However I know that you are a more experienced graphic designer,But I just wanted tell you my own opinions
Many thanks again for your helps and giving these detailed information :raised_hands:

hi thank u for your rather positive attitude and open mindedness. U maybe right … i cannot really disagree with u but what i would like u to realize is that some people may not really have a style in keeping market place requirements naturally … so how to do then?! lol just keep doing the thing and collect hard rejections? i believe that u will understand that this is not really a point , though i understand that sometimes people make sort of artistic choices. I am also sorry to tell u just this but no it depends not only on u to determine where things are placed as there are many rules to follow so that u are in keeping with people’s usual habits … the z-shape reading is a very good example of it … this determines the way the eyes are going through the document and the impact zones for things to be placed so that they are seen , identified and remember …,. a bit like in a super market when people analyze where to put th products that they want people to buy in priority … u may not agree or follow , this is your choice, like if some has a running competition and decide to run on one leg only or that they decide to shoot a bullet in one of their feet before the run is starting lol now, as i usually say, i tell people how i feel about items, according to my experience , knowledge and so on , if they do not want to follow this is up to them they are the ones increasing the risks to have things hard rejected … but they make break some rules and have successful items all the same sometimes … this is less likely but who knows …
here is now what i have to say point by point …
1- this is up to u , though , as i usually mention this is a very risky style for designers because in most cases such styles mean rather limited creativity and on the longer run a lot of guys simply shoot a bullet in the feet of all of us … let’s face it , unless u we bring something more complex creatively to the table, then what is the difference with these horrible more or less DYI automated solutions? think about it and not only in the short term perspective … or maybe u do not mind if designers do not exist anymore in the more or less near future and u feel like u will just do something else?
6- i am sorry but as for me your solution is not working for what u mentioned … the problem of such slanted organisations is that in most cases people have trouble to get back to a a more normal linear organisation and this creates mistakes about spacing and gaps that do not look particularly good , among other things there are some ways to juggle with this though, just put a thin triangle under the central bullet to get back to having a straight organisation and this is it …
8- i guess that u can identify that in such a context the yellow is not as outstanding as the white color don’t u? (as this is less contrasting) besides if u are familiar with print design then u probably know that white is always more outstanding once printed than on the screen …
9- no i do not agree with what u are saying this is not the same , in most cases this is the event that comes first , not the name of place without mentioning what is the event is all about this is just a matter of coherence but now if u feel doing like this at all cost … this is up to u , i usually mention that all i am saying is suggestions based on my rather long experience , i am not a holly book or whatever , people are free not to follow if they do not want to

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Thanks again for all of your description and sharing your opinions :pray:…Yes,That’s true,we need to get more familiar with people habits to give them the designs they really need to

:large_blue_diamond: Also,I would appreciate if others share their opinions for this design and subject