Product rejected, but without argumentation to why its rejected.

I filled in a product for reviewing, but its rejected. That might be fair i dont know, but there wasnt any feedback included. I had to ask that on this forum. Above that i cant upload it again which really doenst make sense i think. Can anybody help me?

hi yes this is the usual process, if u need help pls post a preview and we will let u know what we think about the work u had submitted

I installed this 4 mockup but they refused

fully hand drawn

I can send psd if you want

please help me
where am i making a mistake

If I send you to a psd you correct her maintenance mistakes

hat’s how I’m designed from now on.

I’ve sent them today

I do not know will be approved

Sir could you please make a topic of your own about this :slight_smile:

This is tne preview foto. In the Pack are CC, CS and an EPS folder with both verisons in it. And a Text file explaining the origine of the font used.

So curious on what base its rejected, before actually adjusting stuff that might dont need change

hi u have several issues to fix as far as i could identify. First of all the typo is too flat and laxkign a bit originality indeed. Then, the tagline is not positined as expected here … it should be close to the main titleand proportioned according to it, too. I think that the illustration part is a bit “common” as well. If i were a reviewer i would expect u to put a bit more into it, especially originality wise