my first item has been rejected

Hello everybody. I’m new on graphicriver. I would like to know why my first item (flyer), has been rejected.
The reason is they found it isn’t at the quality standard required. I don’t understand why! do you have any advice or maybe tell me why it has been rejected? thank you so much guys :slight_smile:

this is my flyer

Looks good to me.

thank you so much

Blue & yellow letters are hard visible on the white background. The same with the left palm tree. Grey place under the girl’s figure looks too depressive

Maybe ! the white background, text is not very visible on it !!!

Yep, text is hard to see, hierarchy is out, (never have text go horiz, wide then short then wide again) you need to use a graphic element to break it up, if you want to break the rules.

And eventhough you are messing about with palm tree gradients, it is probably too messy, best guess.

And the design probably needs further refinement or more elements added, (a gray background is probably not the best choice, a sky depiction might work better).

I am messing about with a more complex version of what you are doing and still got clobbered, but minor errors might be to blame, that or trying to put text over a white board, so it is hard to see?

Best to overhaul it and try again.

Good luck.



When Envato said authors should give feedback on rejections, I don’t think this is what they had in mind. :smiley: No point in posting if you’re not being constructive.

I agree with tm, it’s mostly the typography that needs work. Putting type on the right side (too near the edge) makes an unbalanced design, and the vertical text is a bad idea.

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