submission rejected

unfortunately, my first submission is rejected.
the message I have received is:

"We have completed our review of “business flyer” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again."

can anyone help me to approve my first submission?
Thanks in advance.

  • It’s too basic. I do not see any design here.
  • Bad typography. Text blocks are too close to the edges of the sheet. In some cases, this distance is less than the line spacing inside the text block.
  • The wired phone icon looks very outdated in 2020. Same thing with the planet.
  • Italic font looks bad and foreign here.
  • In general, there is nothing that would make this item better than similar items on the market
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thank you i will do improvements again thanks

can you please help me to improve?thanks in advance

These are just my advice. If you do everything I wrote about, this still does not mean that your item will be accepted. In addition to correcting these mistakes, you must also come up with some uniqueness and novelty.

Ammmm. I already wrote you what you can fix. How else can I help you? :thinking: :man_shrugging:

ok thank you very much be happy

do you have any video link to improve my design skill for this market?

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hi indeed this tastefully executed and this far from looking bad indeed
are are a collections of things to fix, improve or change according to me …

1- logo
pls create a decent logo, something that will make your item look better , something professional, all details matter and in this case, u just ruin your preview only with this part … besides, do u know about z-shape reading? the basically implies that your logo is not well positioned indeed

2- typo
if this is globally rathe clean , some touches of originality and most importantly again some variations and font combinations would be welcome and would help u to take your item to the next level

3- disposition of texts
well , how to say … the eyes gets lost because of the way you positioned texts , there is a bit of them placed everywhere and hard to identify what is the logics , in the end, this is resulting in a leak of harmony and in a decreasing readability either

4- alignments , coherence and text orientation
at this stage u have texts in all corners, flagged in all directions and in addition, this is following a bit shapes but not completely. Maybe trying to use the pen tool and determine the path as a text block would help u to make somethinn cleaner all the way …

5- margins and breathing
“our mission …”. “this … tagline” are too close from edges and u either have a risk for them to get cut when the printed document is cut or if u are lucky enough that they are not, then the document will look kind of crammed and breathing will be missing …
the worst is probably about the footer, i would be surprised if the text do not get cut …

6- hierarchy
this is a bit resulting from all what was mentioned above but the fact of the matter is that the hierarchy is far form being strong enough , most of the text are not really valued or popping out and there is a slight lack of relief globally …

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thank you very much for help all tips are helpful for me I will try to improve all the things you mention thank you again

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can you please help me to improve?thanks in advance

Yes, of course! Just create a new theme and share your demo with the forum, we will be happy to help you!

why my item rejected

plz help

Please create a new theme and upload your demo so that the forum and I can help you as well.

I can’t give you any detailed recommendations on your product here, this is another person’s topic, besides you haven’t uploaded your demo. The only thing I can probably do at the moment is direct you to the useful article “Common Rejection Reasons for Envato Market”.

hi which files are u talking about?

hi if u have enough, just click the “solution” box :slight_smile: