Continuously Rejected

After taking a short break from the Graphic River. I just got back and the last 2 flyers were rejected, i am an authour since 2015, for what reason? I did everything as before. But, unfortunately, everything refuses. There are many bad designs approved by reviewers.

There is a huge distance between 2015 and 2020. First, design quality should be higher these days then in 2015, 2016, 2017… Secondly, the market is oversaturated with similar items, so you must submite something new and unique. To be honest, I do not see this in your flyers. They are very simple. There are already thousands of similar flyers on the market. What is the point of approving another one flyer?

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No… i started from 2015. but last i uploaded around 1yr before. only 1yr distance. there are no more changes in rules… i know. but what happens now…

hi buddy i think that u did not really identify what @romlam tried to tell u … the fact of the matter is that as time passes by , the things that u used to be going through and being approved are not necessarily now , as the market gets literally gets more saturated in time, then, they will raise the standards and u are supposed to bring better and better works all the time to make sure that u either have something original in hands but also that u can make it for sale and have your item allegedly being in keeping with quality standards …

now here is what i have to say about what u have the first one is rather cool but there are many things to fix however and the second one, according to me , is definitely not having much chance to make it indeed as really way too much to change according to me …

1st one
i like the medias that used the type , the cool header combination with the icon and stuffs like this but quite frankly there is much of a big issue when it comes to the organization of the document … basically all seems more or less misplaced if u ask me … the top left corner combo with the red square and icon is way too close from edges so that this is not breathing and this not properly looking aligned as the shape with burgers inside are cool and original but also create misalignment feeling at the same time. The “hurry up …” line should rathe be under r the central title in my opinion and burgers’ positioning should be according to the way the text are positioned in the other side …
pls also keep in mind, that your preview is supposed to sell your creation and not the other way around , but, in your case, at this stage , you just put some weird color versions mixing colors not combining well and u are literally dropping the ball by doing so …
finally in my view, u did not completely manage to imbricate enough the central composition with the burger and the titles …

there is much to say … but literally many much of what i said for the other one applies …

1- global organization
things are going in all directions, the eyes get lost trying to find the info … have u ever heard about z-shape reading process?

2- global style
there is not much graphic design in this one to say the least and u really need to push the envelope

3- commercial potential
this is linked to point 2, this one is clearly easy to redo and without using much time so why buying it?

4- color combinations
some version are definitely not selling what u have created …

5- hierarchy of information
literally nothing really pops out … this is too flat there is nothing outstanding but the main title indeed

6- alignment
pls remind u off the fact that this is a basic design principle and thus surely not a small deal … violating it definitely increases dramatically the chance that an item is rejected , in this case , u have texts “buttered” throughout the document and flagged in several direction, hard to figure out what is the guideline

7- central shape and white space
well i have nothing against the idea of putting the shape in the middle like this in the first place but the problem is that u could not really manage to handle it and make people understand about it and as a consequence , there is a dismharmony being generated that has a negative impact on the whole creation

thank you very much for your quick reply. can i have a your email id. i have created new flyer to upload tomorrow. can you check that design whether good for upload or not

hi u can send me a private message here this is easier if u ask me

how to send as a private message from here

good , thank u

1 year is a big time for design. For 1 year, many things become outdated, many go out of fashion

Of course there are rules of typography, color gamma, composition …
But there are no “design rules”. The product must be great - this is the only rule. Design, like art, is a subjective thing. Therefore, it is not possible to create a list of “great design” rules.

Thanks for your reply.
i tried to upload many designs before as better combination and standard typography. all rejected that time. then i checked others designs from graphicriver. i got idea from others designs. that all bad color cobination and no standard in my view. after i also changed my view. then i got approve for my designs.

i am working in Qatar as freelance designer . Now i have been working as finalizer in Memac Ogilvy Qatar.

it does not matter how many stripes u have on your shoulders and how many medals u have on your chest … i am a designers for 16+ years and have been working all this time in an agency and i also have item rejected , people in reviewing teams are choosing items , u have to accept it, there are obviously some flaws as this is dealt with by human beings with different experience, expectations, and so on , u have nothing to do about it but move on and try to make sure that all what u are creating is so very good that no one can consider binning your item …

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Thanks n2n44

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u are welcome :slight_smile: if u feel like u have enough things for u to take your item the next level , just clock the “solution” box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile:

uh i have forgotten , the first one is very good, if u just re-arrange elements so that they are better organized i think this should be ok :slight_smile:

yes. i adjusted and uploaded now… thanks… lets wait

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:slight_smile: good luck buddy

Again Rejected Yesterday my new Flyer… 3rd time now

Your design does not meet basic design standards, such as consistency and spacing, so it does not meet current design standards.

I advise you to look at designs that are the current trends