it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

hello, I tried to upload the interface design, I found the site does not meet the quality standards needed to move forward. can anyone help me. I don’t know where I went wrong.

Thank you

Hi @Randa_atika, if you post some images here of your item, someone will probably be able to give you some helpful tips!

hi @XioxGraphix this my file.

hi this is tasteful but honestly there are some things to fix or improve … in a general way the contrast of colors is not high enough. Contrast is a basic design principle and not taking care of this properly means trouble, as for any basic design principle , I might add, but even more for this one … as u end up facing additional troubles in a snowball effect in the end … this is about readability in the first place but not only, when it comes to impact and exposure , as well as hierarchy of information , too … a well organized item, no matter what it is , the primary information is more visible at first glance than the secondary (colors, size, font, etc …). Do not get me wrong what u have here is tasteful and this is far better than a lot of other rejected items that we see here , though , the problems of contrast and other related issues makes the item look flat and rather dull while it should rather be outstanding so to speak … besides, let me also emphasize something else … pictures are not included in the main file and if u consider so and evaluate what’s left in the main file, u can easily come top with the conclusion that there is not so much graphic design in what u have done. This can be summed by saying that u have image placeholders , blocks of texts and a few icons … would u as a buyer feel like buying an item where u have only this left in the download zip file?

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thanks for your input. I will improve my design. btw in my zip file, I only include the documentation file which contains the image I took from the unsplash, and google fonts. Is that true?

Hey documentation won’t be a reason for the hard rejection. If this is your first upload, and by what I see I think it is, they just might want to see more. So, don’t give up, you’re already there, but, you will need to add more to this, as this is content-wise 2/10. There are a lot of elements and pages you can add and show, scenarios etc., which would at the end make it more worthy. Thanks!

This well designed template but just check the left alignment of the elements they are not consistent it breaks the hierarchy. and some design blocks are overlapping like “our services” block with elements right to it.

Thank you for your advice. @santoshw7885 @XforWooCommerce