Submission isn't at the quality standard required to move forward. What's your advice?

Hello all!

About a month ago I made my first submission on Graphic River. I wanted to create a simple cv that everyone can use, without going too crazy with the design. I kept it plain and simple but it got rejected due to ‘isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward’. I checked the topics and I have an understanding of why it might got rejected, but I wanted to hear your opinions on what can be improved, so I can keep that in mind for my next submission. Thanks!

hi I think that this is better for u to indentify something in the first place … the marketplace has changed dramatically over the years, beforehand, the good strategy could have been to offer something pretty generic and targeting as many people as possible , nowadays, to make sure that the item is successful , this is far better to strike a niche … In addition, simple , or minimalistic is not a pretty good idea if u ask me , not only for the future of the profession - as people look for creativity when they contact a designer. - but also because this is quite difficult not to offer something very close from something that has already been done if u stick to such styles and why the platform or reviewers would accept something with no real additional value and that they have tons of already? pls keep in mind that most of the marketplaces are sort of quite saturated and that if there is a need to reject this much nowadays, this is because they already have a very extended cataloques of items in a variety of styles (“simple” or minimalistic ones in particular). Let’s face it, at the moment, u have close no graphic design out there … the whole item is made of blocks of texts, lines, a few ellipses , period. For me u definitely need to put more effort into the product and push the envelope graphic design wise to generate some more relief, interest, value and also a desire for potential buyers to buy. Pls do not take this personally, ok? but things like this are super easy to find for free in the internet so why would anyone come to buy this item in particular. I assume that no one wanna buy something that they could get without paying … furthermore, the hierarchy is not super outstanding and nothing is popping out much , the color combinations looks a bit strange, wy putting this blue coming out of the blue in the name and that looks contract not much with the background. besides , putting the first name in bold and making it spring out way more is that a good choice? because at the moment the first name is prevailing over the last one … I am not sure that this is due to the mockup but the spacing seems to need improvement as well as regard to the fact that this is a template and people will expect from u to arrange everything perfectly , u can even adapt the content to be able to do so … globally the style is flat and the item, is neither offering some context where people will feel like they will save time out of buying nor where they feel like they can get beyong their personal skills, talent and app and tool knowledge , which decreases dramatically the interest that people may have in the product and the potentiality of having the reviewer accepting the item in the first place …

Thank you so much for taking the time to go in-depth, I really appreciate it! This is not only helpful for this particular submission, but overall. It really made me think and I’ll definitely use your advice- approach for my future designs! Thanks once again!

u are welcome, happy if it could help u :slight_smile: if u have enough clues to know what to do with the item , pls check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: