My first item got Rejected, need help!

I have uploaded my first item - Resume, Cover letter and business card, a combo pack. All my items are in standard dimensions with standard bleed. Every layer in files are properly named, grouped and organised. I included eps, psd, pdf and word format for these designs. I got rejected by saying "it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again."

I have no idea what went wrong. Before creating my next item I need to know the exact quality standards, so that, it wont get rejected like before. Can anyone please help me with this issue!

hi, i think that the main problem about your item is that there is no graphic design so to speak … at this stage u have blocks of texts and lines … i guess they have tons of this already and that what they are looking for is much more original things … besides the typo is clean but flat in a way and lacking originality , the icons are very basic ones, the hierarchy is fair but nothing is really outstanding either
i really believe that u need to push the envelope graphic design wise … as i use 5o mention i understand that some people may feel attracted with minimalistic styles , but let’s face it , if too many people get used to these styles (a lot of people already try to promote this style and this is already very harmful on the long run) and graphic designers cannot bring originality , creativity and a good deal of graphic design to the table , they are meant to disappear and to be replaced by stupid automated services and robots … so think about it , too!

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Thank you for suggestions @n2n44, I will try to make it as unique as it possible.

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what is mean by hierarchy ??? @n2n44

the way u organize texts so that the most important ones pop up and the secondary ones are here , readable but look also secondary at the same time …