HELP! MY First Upload : “Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.”

My Summer time Designs, vector illustration" and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward,

Please help me for successful first time upload?

In my oppinion this got rejected because not everything looks good.

Firstly, the girl looks odd with her legs cut off and the lighting on it looks strange. I would add some shadows on the back from the hat and from the sun that is in front of her.

Secondly, the white lines are not perfect. As you can see in the image, the white line is not positioned well in the design and it makes your image disproportionated. Same goes for every line in the design, in the middle green shapes the stroke is too small and if you watch it from a far distance you don’t even notice it.

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hi, indeed, there are many reasons for your item to be rejected indeed. First of all, as @AndreiCAT legitimately mentioned, you have an issue about execution. Keep in mind that here u are expected to deliver a perfectly professional item and even if u do there maybe other reasons for the items not to make it, so if u do not do, u simply do not stand a chance …

i identify what u tried to do and u attempted to have this kind of modern trendy shape but the problem is that only the white lines as mentioned by andreicat are not properly executed but also the colourful one, many shapes not being even and not not following either the style that u were “copying”, as all shapes , no matter what should be rounded ones

apart from this, the illustration is kind of too basic at this stage, not only did u fail to introduce some gradient as a lot of authors guys do but in addition, the background looks pretty empty if u ask me and this conveys the feeling that there is something lacking actually or that the item is not finished yet …

i also tend to believe that unfortunately the types of illustration o the palm trees and girl - which are ok by the way - are not matching with the concerned lines style, which is super modern

finally i assume that u could have had a better combinations of colors, more realistic, more contrasted and thus more aesthetic in the end … the blue background making people think about the sun but this is sky only … not to mention that this is not super realistic to have grass right next to the sea in most cases, this is likely to be a beach instead and thus a type of yellow would have been more welcome in my view