Help me [Flyer Project Rejected]

Hello Guys, I submitted my project several time but GraphicRiver sent me mail “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” What should I do right now? Can any of you guys help me? Please…

No. We can’t help you, because you have not shown your rejected item. If you want help, first show us your item.

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Thank you romlam,

I’m guessing you tried to submit all of those?

They’re mostly pretty decent flyers, with nice presentations, but like with most rejected flyers, they could be too simple. Most of them are just boxes with some text when you remove the images, and the hierarchy is a bit confusing for some. The photos are very nice, but you can’t really include those in the marketplace files, and unfortunately those are the only things about them that really set them apart from many other flyers.

You should include plenty of graphic elements that are unique to your flyer, things that can’t be recreated with just basic tools like the text and shape tools in a matter of minutes. Customers want to have something original, something that looks like it could have been custom made for them. Such as icons, borders, illustrations, etc.

hi buddy, this is a comment full of “complacency” and respect for sure (and this is very much your honor if u ask me) but honestly just a quick look at these flyers makes me feel like that there is much to say about them and not pointing out the “ugly truth” may not help him this much , sadly enough … besides your comment in the first part is a bit in contradiction with the last part … and i think that the last part is pointing out real things that are very interesting for him to take into account