Logo Rejected

I got another rejection , for quality standards. I would apreciate some feedback about it, I’m not sure what i did wrong.
Thank you

hi for me u have a real issue of either proportion and harmony too. The thing is that color are not really matching super well if u ask me and did not able u to create something super homogenous at this stage but probably the most important thing here is the lack of promotion between elements. The texts are too small compared with the illustration that is taking over really too much at the moment , not to mention that even in the text , it seems to me that the proportion between name and tagline is not optimized yet and that the font that u are using for the tagline is a bit too thin … please also consider that logos are judged in very small size too, here and i am not really sure how the details in the crown will look like in such size indeed


Thank you for your feedback. I will apply this in my future projects.

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u are welcome :slight_smile: good luck and good work :slight_smile: